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Welcome to Atif Master Class: Your Pathway to JEE Success.

Atif Master Class is your premier destination for comprehensive online coaching tailored specifically for students preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main and JEE Advanced, along with specialized mathematics courses designed to augment your preparation and mastery in this critical subject.

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Explore our comprehensive range of best online classes and courses with certificates, exclusively designed for JEE Main and Advanced aspirants. As the official site for JEE Mains, we offer master classes, online lectures, and the best coaching for JEE Mains & Advanced for Mathematics, including advanced courses and test series. Elevate your preparation with our top-notch online master’s programs, ensuring you excel in JEE Advance effortlessly.

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About Us

since 2019

Atif Master Class is a leading online platform dedicated to empowering students to achieve their dreams of success in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains & Advanced. Founded by Mr. Atif Jamil, an experienced educator and visionary leader in the field of JEE coaching, our platform is built on the principles of academic excellence, innovation, and personalized mentorship.

Looking for the best online coaching for JEE Mains & Advanced Mathematics subject? You’re in the right place! At our JEE Mains official site, we offer top-notch online classes, master classes, and online lectures, ensuring thorough preparation. Our online courses with certificates cover everything from JEE Main to JEE Advanced courses, providing comprehensive training. Explore our online course website for the best online master’s programs tailored for JEE aspirants. Plus, don’t miss out on our best test series for JEE Advanced, designed to boost your confidence and performance. Enroll now to ace JEE Main and Advance with ease!”


Our Mission

“To empower aspiring engineers with unparalleled online education, enabling them to excel in JEE Main & Advanced through innovative teaching methodologies, personalized mentorship, and comprehensive course materials.”


Our Vision

“To be the foremost online destination for JEE preparation, recognized for our commitment to academic excellence, student success, and continuous innovation in the field of online education.”

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Our Offerings:

Experts In Every Subject

JEE Mains Crash Course:

Perfect for quick revision and last-minute preparation, our JEE Mains crash course condenses key concepts into concise modules, accompanied by practice questions and mock tests to gauge your readiness.

JEE Advanced Mastery Program:

Dive deep into the intricacies of JEE Advanced with our comprehensive mastery program. Gain a competitive edge with in-depth coverage of advanced topics, problem-solving techniques, and simulated exam simulations.

Individual Subjects

College Prep

Study Skills

Test Prep

Mathematics Excellence Series:

Mathematics forms the cornerstone of JEE preparation. Our Mathematics Excellence Series offers a dedicated focus on mathematical concepts, shortcuts, and problem-solving methodologies, ensuring you ace the Math section with confidence.

JEE Mains

Our JEE Main course lays a solid foundation in fundamental concepts and problem-solving techniques essential for success. Covering sets, calculus, geometry, and more, our comprehensive curriculum ensures thorough preparation and confidence for exam day.


Our Mathematics Excellence Series enhances your skills crucial for JEE success. With curated modules on algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and more, we provide comprehensive coverage, insightful explanations, and ample practice to boost confidence.

JEE Advance

Our JEE Advanced course delves deep into advanced topics essential for IIT aspirants. With a focus on complex numbers, differential equations, vector algebra, and more, we empower students to tackle intricate problems with ease and precision.

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Embark on your journey towards JEE success with Atif Master Class. Empowering students with knowledge, guidance, and confidence, we are committed to helping you realize your academic aspirations and unlock boundless opportunities.

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Understanding the complete syllabus is essential for effective preparation. At Atif Master Class, we ensure comprehensive coverage of all topics, along with in-depth explanations, practice questions, and mock tests, to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced Mathematics sections.

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